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I am in the process of collating my wifes documents for the visa spouse application

Posted on Thursday 27 July 2017 at 01:53 - 0 Comments - Link

Good Morning, I got married in Dec 2015 my wife currently lives in Sylhet, Bangladesh, I am from Birmingham and I'm a british citizen. I have found it hard to find a permanent job but somehow I found one in March 2017. My 6th monthly payslip will hit my bank on the 27th Sept 2017 . I am gathering all my evidence and paperwork, my brother will be submitting my application for me as he has worked in a law practise before. My question is once i get my last bank statement (which is on 8th Oct 2017) I want to apply immediately for my spouse. If anyone can help me I would like to know what the process is? Will my spouse have to apply in Sylhet and will I have to post all the supporting documents to her or can I post the supporting documents to Sheffield myself? My spouse has passed her english exam and will be taking a TB test next week. Does anyone know once I finalise all the documents and application (me and my brother will be filling in the application onnline) what will she have to do in Sylhet? When will she be called in for a biometric and when does our wait officially begin for a decision? also is the priority service worth paying? Kindest Regards
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