UK Spouse Visa Online Application

06:21, Thursday 21 September 2017 .. 0 comments .. Link
I was wondering if you could help me with my wife’s visa extension application, I am self-employed british citizen, had three kids from previous wife and one from another women however, I am not in touch with any on those kids as relationships broke down badly after I remarried, I have now two kids from current wife and we live together as family unit. My query is regarding online application section where they ask to provide information about my kids from previous partners, such as their passport numbers and proof of their relationships with my current wife, as I am not in-touch with other kids and partners it is almost impossible for me to obtain required information, I only have three birth certificates for them. If I say no this question then technically it is wrong information and if I say yes I am unable progress further due to lack of information. If possible can you please shed some light on this.

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UK Spouse Visa Online Application


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