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Posted on Thursday 27 July 2017 at 10:05 - Link

Sept 9th: married (in the US, while visiting under the VWP)
Oct 24th: I-130 package sent to USCIS
Oct 31st: e-receipt received - petition sent to Potomac Service Centre
Nov 1st: I-130 cheque ($420) cashed
Nov 7th: NOA1 received (via post)

May 17th: NOA2 received (via post) - petition approved
Jun 30th: NVC welcome letter, including case number, received (via email); DS-261 submitted; affidavit of support fee paid ($120)
Jul 12th: affidavit of support fee showing as 'paid'; IV fee made available to pay
Jul 13th: IV fee paid ($325)
Jul 22nd: IV fee showing as 'paid'; DS-260 submitted
Jul 24th: I-864EZ and supporting documents mailed to NVC
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