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Getting your ITV in Spain

February 9, 2006 |

ITV stands for “Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehicles” and is the Spanish equivalent of a MOT.  Basically a number of checks are carried out on your vehicle to check that it is safe to drive and road worthy. Joanne Harris talks us through the process of her car’s inspection.
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Schools in Spain

December 21, 2005 |

When relocating to Spain with children, one of the difficult decisions that you have to make concerns their schooling. Any choices that you make will impact on your child’s future and may determine a very different outcome to what might have been, had you stayed in the UK. Read More

The Rights Groups SL’s – Glossary of Property Terms

December 7, 2005 |

Our colleagues at Overseas Property Professional have reported that Britons have spent £6 billion on second homes in last two years, based on new statistics from the UK Office for National Statistics. Apparently, Britons are spending £6 billion a year on the purchase of second homes – a staggering £4 billion more than two years ago. Read More

Check List for a move to Spain

December 1, 2005 |

According to a recent report prepared by Accountants PKF, more than 74% of Britons want to retire abroad. So if you are part of that majority who’s interested in moving to Spain you’ll need to consider using The Rights Group’s Check List to aid your smooth relocation.
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Tips for Buying Off Plan Further Afield

November 11, 2005 |

Anyone with an interest in anything off plan should now be familiar with Spain and the off plan scene. We've all got the hang of it and we pretty much know what to expect and what not to expect. It isn't far, you can fly back and forth, and most people have a least a friend or relative out there that can keep you in touch with your investment. Even if you don't have a 'connection' in Spain, it is likely that you know someone else who is also buying off plan to swap notes with. Read More

Andalucia’s White Villages

September 15, 2005 |

Along with bullfighters in extraordinarily tight-fitting trousers and donkeys in sombreros, Andalucia's white villages, whose Moorish whitewashed houses are perched on mountainsides like pyramids of sugarcubes, are iconic images of southern Spain. Read More

Moving to Spain and Surviving

August 5, 2005 |

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations; furthermore the attraction of Spain’s climate, culture, beauty, cost and standard of living attracts record numbers of expatriates to relocate to its shores every year and the country already has an estimated 1.5 million foreign residents in situ. Read More

The ‘Off Plan’ Propery Market – Spain

July 12, 2005 |

You'll have seen the wonderful images at the Property Show in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow or Dublin and you'll have been very drawn to the idea of getting in early on the ground floor of this fabulous new development on the Spanish Costas. And why not — these developments often present really good value for money and, as you are getting involved early, pre-construction, you are potentially making real savings. Read More

Return to Andalucia

June 3, 2005 |

Recently I swapped sexy, sophisticated San Francisco for a remote Andalucian hamlet. Rather than power walking around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park every morning, I now amble down chestnut and olive covered mountain slopes, seldom encountering another human being. It is what you might call a far cry.


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