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Expat Business Owners: Gordon Ramsay Wants You for his New TV Series

Expat Business Owners: Gordon Ramsay Wants You for his New TV Series

spaghettiGordon Ramsay’s production company is currently planning and researching for a brand new television series to be filmed this summer. The show will see celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay bring his brilliance and outspoken manner to bear to save failing expat businesses abroad.

Ramsay has recognised that the global economy has been especially hard on expats who own the likes of restaurants or hotels in holiday hotspots across Europe, and now he is turning his attentions on them to try and bring customers back through the doors.

If you’re a British expat with a business in Europe – especially in the decimated economies of Spain, Cyprus, Greece or Italy – and you’d like not only the expertise of Gordon Ramsay but the positive publicity that an appearance on his new television show could bring, contact the production company right now.

Filming is expected to commence in May, with Ramsay planning on working with British expats abroad whose dreams of a new life running their own business abroad have not quite gone to plan.

Whether yours is a restaurant facing closure or a hotel that fails to fill its beds, Gordon Ramsay is going to come to your rescue! Expect straight talking and some uncomfortable truths – but if his success on Kitchen Nightmares is anything to go by, the publicity and positivity he could ultimately bring could be your best chance of making a success of business!

As one of the most common dreams for would be expats is to establish a brand new life and a brand new business overseas, it’s highly likely that Gordon Ramsay will have plenty of applicants to appear on the new series. However, if yours is a striking project that has simply failed to flourish as you anticipated, and you can bring your own personality to the mix to ensure fabulous viewing, you stand the best chance of being selected for the programme.

The show will be aired on Channel 4 in the Autumn, and expats will likely be able to catch up online if they can’t view the programme via satellite abroad.

If you’re a British expat with a struggling business abroad, you want to be on TV, you want to benefit from multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay’s wealth of professional experience, and you’re not scarred of a bit of straight talking…it’s time to get in touch with the production team! They invite you to email: [email protected] or call +44(0)203 227 5867.

Note: according to the production company they: “will use and store the personal details contained in your email and any further response in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, for the purposes of producing the Programme.”

Finally, if you’re selected for the series would also like you to get in touch to tell your story so that it can be shared with expats globally

About the Author: Rhiannon Davies writes for Shelter Offshore, the leading online expatriate resource with living abroad, offshore investment and property abroad information channels.
19 March 2014.